Grey Whale's Mating and Birthing Grounds
1 Day (Option to provide own transportation.) January to Late March

Only Available from January 10th to March 10th. Please contact us before booking.

Mother is always near as they swim together.
This is just a baby! The Whales Usually come right to the boat if they are not crowded. We often get to touch them.

The Grey Whales swim from Alaska to the protected bays on the Pacific Coast of the Baja California Sur every year. They stay in these sheltered bays for 3 months to have their calves or to mate.

We work with the local fishing cooperative to make sure that the whales have a safe experience. We translate and provide a lunch for departures from Todos Santos. This is a whole day tour as the drive is 5 to 5 1/2 hours one way. 6 - 6.5 hours from Los Cabos. Our boat is private. With 2 we may combine groups. Our boat is priced separately from the transportation and guide/translator. The price of the boat can be divided between your party.

Courtesy Option A: Tour Boat and Captain

$140 USD/boat/group | Up to 8 people.

$65 USD/every extra hour/group.

Divide this between your group. 2 hrs on boat.

Extra hour paid directly to boat captain.

No Transportation Included - Departs from main pier in town of Lopez Mateos

Payable in cash or on our website + 5% Sales Tax

Option B: Private Tour Boat, Captain, Translator and Return Transportation from Todos Santos

$145 USD per person | 9 to 16 persons (2 boats)

$145 USD per person | 6 to 8 persons.

$175 USD per person | 5 people

$195 USD per person | 4 people

$245 USD per person | 3 people

$345 USD per person | 2 people

Payable in cash or on our website + 5% Sales Tax

All tours depart from and return to your hotel in Todos Santos, or from the east side parking area of the Hotel California in downtown Todos Santos. Departure 7:15 AM.

Please call for availability before booking.

Canada 1 403 607 5082 (Call, What's App, Text)

Canada 1 587 432 2881 (Diana - Call, What's App,Text)

Mexico (Kevin or Rakel) 52 612 147 8387 (October to March 15 - Call)