Todos Coroscos

Todos Coroscos and Grey Whales: Mountain Palm Oasis, Adobe Cobblestone Village, Ranch Life, Educational and Cultural Tour
2 - 3 Days

Our two and three day trips to Coroscos are a perfect example of our emphasis on Cultural Interaction with the Mexican people. You will spend the day with, eat with, tour with and ranch with the local residents and ranchers of Coroscos.

Todos Coroscos
Good Morning
Todos Coroscos
Todos Coroscos
Cheese Factory
Todos Coroscos
Grey Whales

Here in Coroscos we have discovered family, hospitality and a disappearing way of life. The people here have been kind enough to invite us into their homes and to their ranches and to meet their families. Visit this isolated, crumbling adobe, nearly ghost town. Explore the town and the area with the local families and our guide Diego. Enjoy a day with our ranching friends at their traditional desert ranches; starting early to milk the goats, making cheese, making tortillas by hand, and more. They have goats, pigs, horses, chickens and a very small cheese making process. You will help from goat to quesadilla.

The towns of Coroscos are small inland pueblos with approx. 80 inhabitants remaining in each. The community is set in a valley and it's Palm Oasis. Coroscos received electricity very late and a paved highway 4 years ago. There is no luxury here nor restaurants. The people live rustically much like they would have lived 100 years ago. The only amenity is the recently completed family owned and family built hotelito with very limited space.

We arrange meals at a local home, made of traditional adobe. We have a local friend who will show you around their tiny antiquated village and lead a hike to the hexagon caves. Meet our ranchers and their families on their traditional ranches. You will tour an even smaller village and the old mission at night. We hope to introduce you to other friends as well.

You might do a short but vigorous hike in the mountains above the arroyo to the Hexagon Caves. Have a private visit to the lonely stone Jesuit mission during the starry night, learn about sugar cane and more... This activity is an experience. It is a personalized visit to old Mexico that you won't find on the tourist brochures.

On the drive to Coroscos we go to one of the naturally protected bays where the Grey Whale's go to calve and breed. This too is an experience that you won't forget.


  • Get very close to or even touch the grey whales. We provide translation for the captains that will take you out in their pangas. These captains have years of experience interacting with the whales and are a wealth of information. They speak Spanish.
  • Spend a half day at a traditional desert ranch and milk the goats, make cheese, make tortillas by hand and quesadillas over the fire. A morning with a Traditional Ranch Family.
  • Experience Mexico as it was in 1850. Electric streetlights arrived 2 years ago.
  • Visit the stone Jesuit mission at night and both of 19th century oasis hamlets of Coroscos.
  • Spend a personalized day with Diego and some of the locals as he explains the local farming, winemaking and sugarcane operations along with the traditions and customs of their little town. You will be invited to eat with them in their homes.
  • Hike through the town and the oasis to the little springs that supply the water source and/or hike to the Hexagon Caves.
  • And more. To truly take advantage of the tranquility and hospitality you will encounter here as long as taking in the local community and the education it offers you will need to take the 3 day option and stay over for two nights. You cannot do all of the activities or meet all of the people in only 2 days.

Prices: 2 Days
In Nov. Dec. and April we go to swim with the whale sharks instead of visiting the grey whales.

$275.00 USD/person | 7 - 8 persons.

$295.00 USD/person | 6 persons.

$345.00 USD/person | 5 persons.

$400.00 USD/person | 4 persons.

$450.00 USD/person | 2 - 3 persons.

Ask about discounts: $60 - $125. We offer discounts if you drive your own vehicle.

All packages include accommodation, 3 meals, translator/host, local guide and local activities. Please call to make arrangements for your tour to Coroscos and the whale sanctuary. We have to plan with you to make sure that we have our guide/host/translator available.

Prices: 3 Days
Call for personalized prices.

Live an Extra Day in the 1850s !!

The biggest comment that we have had on our two day Coroscos/Grey Whales Tour is that it is too rushed or that you can't do everything in just 2 days. There are two short hikes to do with Diego if you count the Hexagon Caves and the Springs/Cave Painting Hike.

If you choose the 3 day option:

  • You can be more relaxed in your time with Diego and continue with the 100s of curious questions that will come to mind.
  • Let Diego and his neighbours tell you about history and what life is like in a horse drawn, almost barter economy.
  • Learn with the winemaker who first brought alchohol to the Coroscos villages. See how he makes wine traditionally. 
  • Do both hikes while Diego explains Coroscos history.
  • Do a complete tour of the abandoned stone jails that were in service just two years ago, let Diegotake his time to tell you and show you how school life was in this isolated village, meet his young wife, children, father…….
  • Cut some hay in the ditch irrigated pasture and feed the animals in the corrals in the meadow.
  • Enjoy some time in the cool recently built stone hotel that you will be staying in; the only new building in 100 years. 

As we mentioned above, to truly take advantage of the tranquility and hospitality you will encounter here as well as taking in the local community and the education it offers you will need more time. 

Includes second night of accomodation and 3 additional meals.

Todos Coroscos
Welcome to Coroscos
Todos Coroscos
Eat with the locals
Todos Coroscos
Ranch activity
Todos Coroscos

Please call for availability before booking.

Canada 1 403 607 5082 (Call, What's App, Text)

Canada 1 587 432 2881 (Diana - Call, What's App,Text)

Mexico (Kevin or Rakel) 52 612 147 8387 (October to March 15 - Call)


All tours depart at 6:30 AM with pick up at your hotel in Todos Santos or from the east side parking area of the Hotel California in downtown Todos Santos. We can arrange transport or pick up from the airport in Los Cabos as well.